Thursday, January 14

Creepiest TV moment in all of history - Glenn Beck reads his journal to Sarah Palin

I usually don't post plain ol' video from other sources, but gawd. I just had to share. Video originally found at Gawker.

I was sorely tempted this morning when I realized that the more I watch Sarah Palin, the less I identify myself as a "Christian." If "Christian" means you can completely ignore Truth, capital T, in exchange for ideology, count me out.

But then I had a quiet, prayerful moment with my Lord and Savior and I felt much better:


  1. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Us heathens never have a crisis of faith, just sayin'


  2. WTF? and Ha!!!

    She looks uncomfortable as shit and she deserves it! This is what quittin' your job in a tough economy has left you, SP. She had a sweet deal and she got greedy, and while I admire that in some people, I am laughin' my ass off at her audacity-- though she probably is getting what she wanted, if what she wanted was money.

  3. How can we be left hanging like that? Does she loose her soul or not?.... What?...... What do you mean, she didn't bring one?.... What?....

  4. Thank God you pixilated the Holy Staff of Righteousness, if you will. After all, we’re only a coupla weeks past the Feast of the Circumcision.

  5. Holy shit, are these two for real? As my granddaddy used to say, he said, "boy there is bullshit, and there is bullshit...this here is...bullshit."

  6. couldn't click. Used my imagination (bolstered by the post and comments). If I had no scruples, I too could make the kind of money Beck and Palin are reaping. Imagine what someone with no scruples could do with a viewer list. Just saying.

  7. I wonder if Beck is going to read diary entries about doing 8 balls of coke during his Morning Zoo radio days.

  8. Oh, BG, Sarah's not a Christian - she's a fascistic theocrat for whom the only appropriate rejoinder upon the occasion of her piehole opening is 'Sarah, you ignorant zealot'.

    I must say I was surprised by Beck opening his journal so smoothly on the air - I had assumed the Palin pages of it were firmly 'cemented' together somehow.


  9. It's sickening.

    But thankyou for posting it...if only to remind us that such people really do exist.

    You're on a roll BG.

    Satanism 2 days in a row and you nailed 3 of them.

  10. I am of a mind that it is little more than cynical, satiric theater...


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