Monday, January 11

Sarah Palin Show? @dirtycommie wins the prize.


  1. I wonder, will her first show be about tax cuts or cutting taxes? or perhaps Obama's failure to cut taxes while saying 'terrorism' ten times real fast and toughlike. that's really all that needs to be done, donjano.

  2. Even managed to keep at an insult intelligence level that she and her followers can understand.

  3. ...appealing to American c*cks.

    Awesome art, BG!

  4. I'm quoting you, BG.

    Best art yet.


  5. Perfect fit!

    They can team her up w Brit Hume & together, they can tell people if they chose the correct religion or not.

    She will fit right in with the lunatic fringe @ Fox.

    Rumor is they will change their slogan to

    "Unfair & Imbalanced", upon her arrival.

  6. A special Thank you to Sarah for providing both the blogosphere AND comedians with all the fodder for humor we could possibly need.... for multiple years.

    Palin is a gold mine for shit like that.

  7. Palin is a poor man's Katherine Harris. Now there was a woman that bring the crazy.


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