Saturday, January 16

Saturday Song

I'm going through old songs for ideas for an intro to the podcast. This is very blog-oriented, I think. I tried out the Bill O'Reilly "we'll do it live" remixes and was turned off--don't really want Bill O introducing the show.

I'd also like it to have an olde tyme radio feel while still being kinda hip. Any suggestions?


  1. There are many old recordings of work songs that could be used to get that old-timey feel, such as this one:

    Through the sidebar you can chase down similar work by Ledbetter, Robert Johnson and Woodie Guthrie, all in the public domain.

    Also ran across this item, and thought of you. The concept has been around a while, but this site hits every cliche:

    Thanks BTW for your wit and wisdom, it is a pleasure to stop by here every day.

  2. Two words: Stan Kenton.

  3. A Banjo picker from way back, Obrey Ramsey did a song called Cold Rain and Snow. It was cover by the Grateful Dead, and released in studio on their Steal your face album...the dead version is really nice, but Obrey's version is haunting.

    Obrey's version is on a CD called The Roots of the Dead, it's a compilation of many of the obscure old folk and country tunes the Dead managed to cover in their 30 + year career.

    Definately an interesting listen


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