Tuesday, January 19

Is It Me, or has Left Wing Blogging Gone Completely High School?

'Cuz if it weren't for Doctor Zaius and a couple other class cut-ups, I'd quit yearbook all together.

Love on Balloon Juice (a typically excellent post here) and Rumproast for fighting the good fight. Yeah, I'm siding with those stoners in the AV room, though the class presidents always get the 'most likely to succeed' mumbo-jumbo. Sigh.

And yeah, Markos totally looks like Pedro. That surprised me, too.

UPDATE: Zaius declares war in the cafeteria.


  1. Yow; will I be able to withstand the urge to go dig up our own USojo staff yearbook pics? Good God I hope so!

    Great catch on PedroMarkos. !-P

  2. Anonymous11:54 AM

    It really is stunning how fucktarded a large swath of the progosphere has become. The whole PUMA thing was shocking enough, but this takes it to a whole new level. I can't believe "progressives" are cheering on a Scott Brown win. SCOTT BROWN! Arrrgggh!

  3. Anonymous12:08 PM

    "I'm siding with those stoners in the AV room"

    Oh, and thanks for that, Fran. For the record, I was picked as Class Clown in my high school yearbook. It was a very proud proud moment for me.

  4. Why do I have the feeling that I'm glad I stopped paying attention?

  5. Deep sigh...here we go again. NAFTA? That was brought to us by Clinton, not the Republicans. Repealing Glass-Steagall? Ditto. Don't-Ask-Don't Tell? Same. Wellfare "reform?" Ayup. Telecommunications Act? Sho Nuff. Eight years of Clinton accomplished more Republican goals than did eight years of Bush. Now Obama. Drop the public option? Yep. Embrace mandates? You got it. Tax "cadillac" insurance plans. Uh-huh. Renew the Patriot Act? Yes. Extend Blackwater's contract? Righto. Out of Iraq yet? Nope. Close GITMO yet? Nope. Change you can believe in? Not by a country mile. While I can't QUITE endorse the idea of voting for Brown, Martha fucking Coakley is about as progressive as my high school gym teacher and three times the hypocrite. Progressives returning again and again to the Dumb-O-Crap liars is akin to battered wife syndrome, and like Chrissy Hinde once observed, it's a thin line between love and hate. Democrats need to be punished. Hard. And saying so isn't crazy or petulant. I'm so pissed off about this I can barely type.

  6. Big Daddy if I thought what is going on in the Left Blogsylvania was really truly ABOUT any of those issues, I wouldn't have posted this.

    pssst. It's about celebrity, and having a vested, and by vested I mean paid with a paycheck, interest in being a power player in Democratic politics.

    Are you still blogging somewhere? because your blogspot link shows not. Hey, I'm happy to rant about those exact same issues you discuss. And I'm still blogging, which means I can and will. But don't think that's what's going on when certain bloggers think setting fire to fields of food will feed the people. That's utter bullshit, and you know it. And don't tell me you can barely type. You have internet access and can write a cohesive 169 word rant at my blog? Dude! You're fifteen steps ahead of a great many people on this planet; and you have a blogger account, too? Shucks. Get back on your blog, Big Daddy, and start by cutting and pasting your comment. We miss you.

    And if you're blogging elsewhere, forgive me and provide a link. I'd like to blogroll you.

  7. So you're saying progressives who don't like Obamacrats are just attention whores? That may be true in some cases, but that doesn't render the point invalid. Keith Olbermann is an attention whore too, but most of what he says is right on. As for my blog, I felt like I was spitting into Niagara Falls. No hits, you see. In at least a couple instances, if I can say so myself, I think I approached Mike Royko levels with my writing, but it just went out into the ether like steam from a cup of coffee. Seems I make more of an impact commenting at blogs people actually read. But thanks for the compliment.

  8. John Stewart sums it up perfectly:

  9. Anonymous3:55 PM

    So Big Daddy, were you out banging on doors for Kucinich in '08? Phone bank for him? He was the only real progressive candidate in the Dems' lineup. This LET'S TEACH THE DEMS A LESSON is utter hogwash if you don't back it up with solutions. Bitching about "Obamacrats" in the comment sections on poliblogs when a very small % of Americans read the posts let alone comments doesn't count as activism. And cheering on a neanderthal like Brown when you're a progressive doesn't either. If you want change, start looking for and supporting viable (read: not Kucinich) progressive candidates.

  10. I think there's validity on both "sides" of this. We've got to agitate for a more progressive agenda as Stewart and Olbermann are doing. I probably haven't done enough of that at this blog lately.

    At the same time, saying a Brown or any other GOP win is going to wake up the Democratic establishment to go left is like expecting the MSM to spin it that way. Good luck wi' dat.

  11. "So Big Daddy, were you out banging on doors for Kucinich in '08?"

    Yes. And Franken too. And Keith Ellison in '06. And (I know you're gonna hate this) Nader in '96. And Jerry Brown in '92. And Tom Hayden's Big Green Initiative in '90.

    Any other questions?

  12. Also, there's no such thing as a "viable" progressive candidate. Unless of course the sheeple wake up. If you think Clinton or Obama or other "viable" candidates are progressive, then you're in for a long, miserable wait for anything remotely resembling "progressive," and the proof is everywhere. What's progressive about keeping gitmo open? Or health insurance mandates? Or NAFTA?

    This kind of viability is killing America.

  13. Anonymous4:50 PM

    Touche. I will offer you a heartfelt apology then. And, no, I'm not gonna razz you for Nader. I've never been from the "Nader lost it for us" camp (yes, I know you wrote '96).

  14. And we progressives (voted against Gore for Nader and made videos for Kucinich, myself) are right about everything all the time. We are. We just never get to show it.

    I remember when Kucinich said he wanted Ron Paul for his running mate I just about plotzed.

    With all due respect to a comrade, Big Daddy, I think the "no audience" thing is a cop-out. You could, as I said, cut and paste your comments to your blog, give us a link even when you disagreed with me, and improve the technorati numbers for those blogs you *think* have such amazingly large readerships.

  15. It's you.

    You say you're unhappy,
    you blame it on me.
    I can't make you happy,
    you don't listen to me.

    Obama isn't what progressives wanted, it was the least bad choice they had. They got, by far, the least bad result and are dealing with it as they always have.

    The successful re-framing of the debate marginalized progressives to the point that any true progressive platform is automatically demonized for being too RADICAL while almost every thinking American agrees that radical is needed.

    So the status quo serves and volleys radical rhetoric along with the usual finger-pointing and name calling.

    We keep on keeping on as best we can because it's the best we can do.

  16. Okay. I can take a hint. You want only positive comments here. That's cool.

  17. I had no prob with any of your comments, BD, you're totally civil. I don't like pie fights or a-holes, but that's not going on here. I always kick the ass of people who have shown they Can Blog but Aren't. Ask anybody. :)

  18. I would like to speak to you in the cafeteria. I'll meet you by the jello surprise.

  19. Anonymous9:25 AM

    Speaking of Left Wing Bloggers, did you see the illiterate editorials in the Boston Globe. Some of the editorials did not eve use complete sentences. There was a lot of nasty attack stuff against Brown, but no real discourse on the issues.

    The People did not react well to this. Rumor has it that when Obama told that "Green Truck" joke, the streets of Boston was suddenly flooded with Green Trucks.

    Losing 52%-47% in the Bluest of Blue States is the result I would expect from such a low caliber of Junior High School Level of Blogging. The Boston Globe can't go Out of Business soon enough!


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