Saturday, January 23

The State of the Union Address we'd like to see...


  1. Anonymous5:05 PM

    Truth be told, I think he should just stare at the Republican side of the aisle and say "Ni!!!" repeatedly. That's all it really requires.

  2. Sticks and stones.

    He should bring it. A stone-smoted Joe LIEberman would send the needed message. Putting Reid and Pelosi over his knee and corporally punishing their hand-wringing kvetching -Nothing symbolic about it- would be hailed as pure political genius.

    Then a stern and dignified "Don't make me come back to tell you again."

    That's all Folks.

  3. Dear Lord, Bgal...I wish you were Canadian. We have a lump of pig rind for a Prime Minister and we are at the end of our wits up here.

    Still, you have important work to do in Hamerica.

  4. Sorry to be so blatantly off-topic, but THIS ITEM from Princess Sparkle Pony should be right in your knitwear wheelhouse.


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