Wednesday, January 27

Preview of tonight's SOTU photoshop open thread

for the big blog, which incidentally is on a new server and is way faster now.


  1. Anonymous3:02 PM

    When supper was ended he took the cup, gave you thanks and praise, and said 'take this all of you and drink from it. . ."

  2. The best part of watching this will be the same as last year. I will be able to look at the President and VP and Speaker and not see in their places an addled alcoholic cokehead, a homicidal maniac and a pathological liar.

    These new folks aren't 100% of what I want, but the last crowd was absolutely at zero. I remain moderately happy with half a loaf.

  3. I'm guessing he's NOT drinking water from downstream of a safe nuclear power plant, offshore oil well, or clean coal sludge.

    Et tu Obama, Drill Baby Drill???

  4. Saucy, but suspect. Drinking downstream from an offshore oil well would be poisonous with or without, from a nuke plant as safe as if it weren't there. "Clean" coal is nonsense, Obama knows it too, but it is what he has to say to keep enough votes together to govern. "You legislate with the congress you have" or something like that.

    Moving away from fossil fuels will take some time and faces huge institutional obstructionism. Obama's made as big a push in that direction as he can unilaterally realize and has a huge lift coming up with climate change bills, so if he panders some I'll let it go. He'll get nowhere if he doesn't make kissy noises to the Senators from Fossil Fuel.

    Long term, our energy needs will have to come from a mix of sources and nuclear should be among them. With modern designs it is reasonable in expense compared to renewables and relatively benign, at least as safe in toxicity as solar and without the bird kill from wind or the fish kill from dams. Half of Europe's power comes from nukes; much of ours should to.

    [BTW, can't say it too often, I'm a huge fan and have been for years. One of those lurkers you keep encouraging to comment. :-)]

  5. Graham: Are you joking? Nuclear power is extremely dangerous, even if you leave out how incredibly vulnerable nuclear power plants are to terrorist attacks. We need to phase out nuclear and use the enormous government subsidies the nuclear industry gets for public transportation and clean power.

  6. I forgot to mention that nuclear power plants contribute to global warming by putting NOX into the air.


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