Friday, January 15

Driftglass and Blue Gal talk about politics (PODCAST)

A lil' sumpin the amazing blogger Driftglass and I have been meaning to do for a while - podcast! (your player might say it's 43 minutes long, yii!, but it's only 23 and DG really brings it.)

We've got some of the technical kinks worked out and we'll be working on a title, intro, format etc. as the year goes on. Thanks for listening and for any feedback you might have.

And YES we will be able to have other bloggers on as guests, provided you have a skype account and we can work out some other minor issues. Can't wait to do that.

Driftglass is suggesting we call this show "F%#@%#^%@ it, we'll do it live" radio.


  1. Just started listening--I love the DIY punk aesthetic! "Editing? We don't need no stinkin' editing!"

    Welcome to the world of podcasting!

  2. mymatedave4:05 PM

    amazingly fun. You two are just as fun and great in audio as you are in text.

  3. Just let me know when/where to subscribe to it ....

  4. Well done, you two. Watch the occasional talkovers, though - This isn't Fox And Fiends or Moroning Joe, y'know.


  5. Transcript available?
    I think I missed about 20 punchlines.
    You really need a sound engineer to attenuate your laughter.
    or maybe a Telefunken U-47?

    Nice pipes Drifty! You can slide right into the empty Carl Greyson seat at WGN. All you'd have to change is your politics....

    Better yet, be Orion Samuelsen's understudy. I can hear it now...
    Driftglass here with today's HOG reports...

  6. Top of my list, Rehctaw, is to work out my microphone situation. I can also, as my Dad has told me dozens of times, MODULATE my voice. Thanks.

    And second on my list is getting this podcast where people can subscribe and download easily. xo blogenfreude.

  7. Great job, love ya both and together is just terrific. I cant wait for more.

  8. I dig it guys. I think all you need is a little intro and outro music and you're set. I would be more than happy to push this. You should also put aside a little time for guests from other blogs, just not me, I hate my voice.

  9. StonyPillow7:27 AM

    Satifying, light, smooth. More, please.

    Drifty can do a Carl Greyson voiceover for Wingnut Creature Features anytime. We'll all get up and stagger around like beery Frankenstein's Monsters in unison. I'd buy that for a dollar.

  10. BG, I'm not saying... just sayin'...

    The banter was excellent, Drifty's snappy repartee never disappoints. The serve and volley was great.

    Do it again, but whatever you do, don't get all organized about it. Keep it free range. Organic.

    Let it evolve.

  11. Anonymous10:22 AM

    Modulat, modulate, modulate your voice just a little

  12. Well done, Fran, and good flow.

    One change that I would suggest is that you try and hold down the laughing a bit.

  13. Anonymous:

    Yes, Dad. :)

    Yeah I need to take deep breaths and cut down on the laughing. It's very hard to do that with dg on the other end of the skype line, but I'll work on it.

  14. possible name:

    Blue Glass Podcast

  15. DAD WHO!!!??? Sorry that I left off the "e" on the first "modulationatory" comment. Darkblack was right on too. But it was great overall, by gosh

  16. sonate12:40 PM

    Reminds me of stephanie miller and rude pundit on their regular steph-casts - I really hope you'll do it regularly too -- keep it up. I'll be listening to both regularly.

    BG fans may jump all over me, but... I think sometimes BG got too absorbed with her own concepts and humor; she wasn't always letting drifty get his ideas in. (go back and listen.)

    BG, I love you, really, you're quite good, but driftglass is an absolute genius and a brilliant writer, as I'm sure you and many fans know. I was very glad to finally hear him speaking (sounds like the strong old hippie i was hoping for.) Please be sure to give him free rein to express himself. (You don't have to suck up as much as Steph does to Rude, just be sure he gets equal time. :-) Take as long as you both want - we'll be listening, and there sure will be more than 15 of us.


  17. I tried to listen but sorry, the laugh.

  18. Great stuff! Keep it coming.

  19. Good stuff -- keep going. I've heard worse on national networks. Driftglass sounds a bit like Joe Conason -- not that there's anything wrong with that.

  20. do I download the mp3? I'm too poor to afford home Internet service and will have to download at the library and then listen at home...

  21. Our subsequent episodes are on buzzsprout. Click on "buzzsprout" on the player and it should be self-explanatory. Thanks!


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