Tuesday, September 25

chat with Manila Ryce

Chats with Manila are always entertaining and often publishable. I usually get permission unless he has to drop my chat to go service one of the many female love slaves that insist on lining up outside his modest LA apartment.

me: turns out left wing religious gals are particularly hawt.
but I knew that.
Manila: why? who other than you is hot?
me: suzy...she's a Quaker...you wouldn't know her... but we're both Quakers

and we've been accused of infiltrating a peace rally with our spies
as hawt Quaker vixens.
how can a f-ing QUAKER "infiltrate" a peace rally?

Manila: i think i've seen that movie...nixon

me: No you're thinking of the one with Angie Dickinson

Manila: wrong dick i guess

me: ha


  1. now, you could easily turn that into a killer poem!

  2. Tsk, tsk, is there nothing you won't stoop to to promote your Quaker hotness? :) Thanks for the link sweet pea.

  3. I had the great good fortune to meet Suzy in person and I can confirm, she is a QH. (Quaker Hottie). And a damn nice person to boot.


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