Thursday, September 27

Special K and SCHIP

I just want to say a few words about the fact that Dennis voted against SCHIP because legal immigrant children were not covered by the current bill.

I don't think anyone doubts Kucinich's street cred on wanting universal health care for all Americans. Since the bill is undoubtedly going to be vetoed, K-man could afford to "play politics" with this one. Sad to say.

I also have to admit that I play politics the same way here in Alabama. I am one of those who votes AGAINST every single constitutional amendment that comes before us voters.

Alabama needs a new constitution. Our current constitution, written in 1901, refuses home rule to every county in Alabama. That means the voters state wide must decide on basic issues as barking dogs, litter, weeds and other health and safety problems. We are nearing 800 amendments to the state constitution. The Legislature has done NOTHING to advance a new constitution, and has blocked it by scaring voters into thinking new constitution means a tax increase. Huh?

So I vote no on everything, even the 2000 amendment "allowing" mixed-race marriages (yeah that had not been enforced for a couple decades but still).

Am I for prohibiting mixed-race marriages? No way, I my own self had kids with a Norwegian.

But I won't vote for a single solitary amendment. We demand a new constitution. Am I playing politics? Yep.


  1. Wow, I didn't know that about the Alabama Constitution. Crazy.

    And ya gotta like a woman who marries a Norwegian. ;-) (Except for one I can think of.)


    (By the way, October 9th is Leif Erikson Day!)

  2. Yeah.... doesn't sound like that State Constitution needs an amendment, exactly.

    Alabama Constitution Wikipedia

  3. Alabama has a constitution?
    Istrike just assumed that they all got roaring drunk and trusted to luck/strike know that!

  4. It really says something when our antiquated state constitution has more amendments than the old Soviet constitution. Interesting fact: until the 1960s, Alabama history textbooks dutifully listed every amendment. They stopping doing so when merely listing all of them could fill up a textbook by itself.

    Naturally, state politicians will use the old scare tactics of raising taxes and people will fall for it hook, line, and sinker like always. In reality, they don't want to risk losing their power and losing all the private concessions they've skillfully written into the document.

    This is why I sometimes wish Montgomery could be burned to the ground. We need to start over.

  5. amazing
    good for you!

    our own national constitution could use an overhaul and some amendments -- like junking the electoral college and banning ANY bush from public life ever again

  6. ... BG, throughout the past year (and due to our friend QD over in Quaker land) I've enjoyed reading your views and comments. Although I am libertarian for the most part and of diverging views to most of your commenters, I try to drink other-flavored kool-aid from time to time. With your blessing I am including you in my "other bullhorns" section. Cheers!

  7. Back atcha, truth-pain!

  8. Texas has you beat. Our Constitution was excreted in 1876, right after the state was "redeemed" by God fearin' white folk from all those evil carpetbaggers and negroes, and has been amended 300 times since, making it either the first or second longest constitution in the nation. We still have a state fund for Confederate widows (the last one died 50 years ago), creating a hospital district requires a statewide vote, and the governor still retains the power to call out the militia in the even of an Indian uprising.

  9. Anonymous7:00 AM


    Norwegeen........does that mean you had to eat the lime cured fish?



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