Sunday, September 23

Another good reason to go back to bed...

I don't have a television, and if I did, I sure wouldn't be channel-surfing only to find that Hillary is on FIVE Sunday Morning talking heads shows.

I totally understand the comparative appeal of watching cheese age. I do.


  1. I dunno - this video alone is worth the price of admission.

  2. Wow, Mark. I think Terry McAuliffe gave her some gas before she went up against Chris W, don't you?

  3. The only way to deal with the jerks at FOX News is to laugh at them. Good for Hillary! I did see her on This Week and Meet the Press, and she was excellent. I realize I will be alone in this view here, but glad to have the opportunity to voice my opinion.


  4. Well, I have a TV, but rarely turn it on. Am I kewl?

  5. "Once a guy starts wearing silk pajamas, it's hard to get up early."

    --The late Eddie Arcaro, Jockey


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