Thursday, September 13

Fashion Week at Blue Gal lasts only one day.

No leopard print lace-trimmed leggings for anyone in my house, but particularly not for my elementary school-aged daughters. Yes, these are pants for girls. Apparently there is a big push at JC Penney to make young ladies look like Peg Bundy. Not in my house.

When I see sweaters I like I usually try to figure out how to knit them myself. I don't knit with sharpened telephone poles, however. When the gauge is two stitches to the quarter mile I give up.

Oh. It's ugly, too.

Okay, the Obama campaign is six thousand, nine hundred dollars richer because of these three women, who each bought a $2300 dollar ticket to attend Oprah's fundraiser last week. I guess those tickets maxed out their Visa cards, and that's why sycophant number one had to wear her beach shoes with the silver cocktail dress. Grape and Tangerine ladies are frowning, probably because they think they paid three month's rent (okay, one month, it's Santa Barbara) to try out for a "Fruit of the Loom" TV spot.

Dang what a sweet dress. And hyuh I didn't even blink that it's a hundred and fifty fricking dollars and only goes up to size 12, I would expect as much from J. Crew. It's essentially Burda pattern 7897 and I have the fabric and thread already. Feh. (looks like Vogue 8108 would work, as well.)


  1. Anonymous10:34 AM

    Good God, that's an ugly sweater. And the shoes, or whatever the heck they are, really complete the look. I gots to get me some of those.

  2. Anonymous10:45 AM

    An angry note came home last year from the PE teacher that said, "NO MORE HIGH HEELS IN GYM!" I guess some parents were sending Sis to school looking like Peg Bundy.

    BTW - the Seattle School District's dress code for middle and high schoolers is a mile long. Only the first three items apply to the boys.

  3. Hey, I kid you not - I knitted that exact sweater for my husband's birthday last year. Thank god he hasn't actually worn it!

  4. Anonymous11:08 AM

    Isn't it wonderful to find a dress and say to yourself "I could so totally make that myself!" The bonus is when you have the fabric in your stash :)

  5. My favorite Oscar Wilde quote comes to mind: "And, after all, what is a fashion? From the artistic point of view, it is usually a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months."

  6. I love fashion week at Blue Gal! I also love that you gave the burda pattern for that dress. You know I am so going to make it...


  7. Are those Pammy pants at the top?


  8. I often associate fashion statements with political eras, unjustly suggesting politics affects fashion.... The fashion statement depicted in this video is reminiscent of the Reagan era in so many ways.

    Reagan Era Video 

    By the way, making these lovely dresses yourself should be no challenge should you wish to do so..... I don't think a pattern is necessary; simply apply scissors to construction-grade trash bags.

  9. To be fair, the girl in green was only transporting the world's largest tea cozy, and the Obama event was a fundraiser to fight colorblindness.

  10. There's no accounting for style. For me its a matter of "I know it when I see it".

    I've seen tweens who "get it".

    Adults? Not so much.

    One can never go wrong with a simple black dress. Well, maybe on Obama.

  11. BG, I love fashion photography. We must talk...

  12. So, the woman with phone-pole cozy, did she step into the chicken coop with spike heels first? I had to zoom in that picture a few times because, dang, what she had going on her feet was a little beyond words.

  13. There's a perfectly good explanation for that sweater. That model didn't weigh in by the new standards and her mom custome-made that "dress" so she could fulfill her dream of being a model. There's also a steel bustier on the interior. That picture was taken just before she fell off the stage from the top-heaviness.

  14. Anonymous10:17 AM

    Simple black dress...Yawn !

    You don't have to dress like a HO or a Talbot's refugee.

    But then again every conservative dressed woman has her slutty clothes.



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