Friday, September 21

But wait, I actually LIKE this one!

Blue Herald has this one in their "right wing cartoon watch #24" but I think it's a dandy idea. Let MoveOn write the NY Fricking Times editorials? Ooh, that wouldn't be like letting Rupert Murdoch write television news, now, would it?

The FOX talking head "is going to have to stop me there."**

**Seriously. Somebody needs to collect the times a guest mentions Rupert on FOX and the interviewer says "I'm going to have to stop you there." It's the commanded response from upstairs whenever anyone mentions the FOX decider.


  1. Conservatives haven't learned that supporting the status quo doesn't deliver the funny. And of course, Iraq wouldn't be a neverending nightmare if we could just get rid of that pesky legislative branch!

  2. i sent a check yesterday

  3. The neocon will and can never learn such lessons. They live and breathe power and the mighty scent of green.

    Move On needs to continue moving ads like these...they resonate with the majority and scare the piss out of the powers that be. They let them know that the people have had enough and have smelled their little toady line of bullshite...

    Off with the gloves! It's time to throw down the truth!

  4. Indeed, every time a Fox Anchor/host (or any network really) refers to "the loony left", "liberal moonbats", or the "strident anti-war base of the Democrat Party" I have to imagine a sizable majority of Americans must feel disrespected. Obviously, as opposition to the war continues to climb, Fox's ratings and credibility with the public decline. The only question is to what degree they can be marginalized over the course of the coming year.

  5. Haha! Thanks for the shout-out. And you make a good point.

    In general, I think the NYT editorials have been pretty good. (Too many of their columnists are crap, though.) Certainly, they're better than The Washington Post, which features some great reporters and columnists, but their anonymous editorials are often horrendous - pro-war, apologist, repeating GOP propaganda about Valerie Plame Wilson their own news staff had debunked, etc.

    Regardless, MoveOn could use some more love, and I'll be sending them some money before the end of the week.

    Oh, and you're "stop you there" observation is fantastic, and worthy of follow-up. Maybe we can keep a running tally from now on?


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