Wednesday, September 19

Today is link to Cap'n Dyke Day.

Looks like Queen Noor got her some piiirate.

Ahoy! Link to Cap'n Dyke, say arrr a couple times, and your work is done. Or walk the plank.


  1. Wow, BG, your pic is much better than mine! Yikes!


  2. It's good to be the queen!

  3. Today be link to Cap'n Dyke Day.
    Looks like Queen Noor be after gettin' her some piiirate.

    Ahoy! Be linkin' to Cap'n Dyke, be sayin' arrr a couple times, and your work be done. Orbe walkin' the plank.

  4. i used to have a parrot! i'll go arrrr and see what happens.

  5. Anonymous5:55 PM

    Thanks fer th' reminder, Gal. I been busy, but not too busy to mention Me Captain over my way ;)

  6. Anonymous8:16 PM

    Who Be th'Best Darlin' on th'BlogSea???? Who will be gettin' smothered with Piratical Kisses when Th' Cap'n meets up with Her???? Ye be th'Most Wonderful, Most Delectable Delicacy, Me Sweet BG; an ELB LPQ-Style...accept no substitutes.

  7. Anonymous10:34 PM

    I'm goin', I'm goin'. No need to threaten the plank.


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