Friday, September 21

I'm voting for the smart dude. With the smart wife.


  1. Oh,wow. She really is The Geek's Revenge. Sweet!

    I've always been saying:"Miss Coulter,now you be just temptin' fate!"

    Head Explody really is the best super-power...

  2. Anonymous1:27 PM

    Kucinich is the only candidate that I am willing to vote for. I hope he somehow gets the nomination; otherwise I do not know what I will do in '08... not vote? I hope it does not come to that.

  3. Not voting represents a threat level of zero to the status quo. :(

  4. i'll vote, but sadly, something tells me i won't be real thrilled about it.

  5. do what you can to vote against facism

    the symbol in the short appears to be the arrow cross of early-to-mid-20th century hungarian facist party additionally decorated with the lightening bolts reminiscent of the angular insignia of the nazi ss

    america has had a long historical fliration with facism. it is imperative that liberalism prevail as the political ideology of this nation

    it can't happen here

  6. True, it is important to vote liberal to curb fascism (although we've kinda been fascist for awhile now). However, Kucinich is the only true liberal running. What do we do if he doesn't get the nomination? vote for the lesser of two fascists? I'll either be voting independent or moving to Venezuela.

  7. I think the nature of the political party is important.

    The Democratic Party cannot be compared to the Republican Party in terms of its nature.

    The old quote (from somebody) that "I don't belong to an organized political party, I'm a Democrat" is humorous, but also entails a central truth.

    The Democratic Party embraces and empowers a much wider range of human concerns in the political arena than does the Republican Party.... you are much more likely to have government impacted by and addressing environmental issues, social issues, and "human" issues both domestically and in terms of foreign policy than with the Republican Party.

    Additionally, the Democratic Party is becoming more aware of the importance of religious values in the American discourse, and addresses the reality of a much broader spectrum of religious thought than does the Republican Party while not seeking to undermine Church-State separation in matters of formal governance and structure.

    The Republican Party, on the other hand, is essentially authoritarian in nature radically departing from its Liberal roots last fully expressed in the administration of Dwight D. Eisenhower.

    The political philosophy of the Republican Party is reductionist; reducing all public matters to issues of economic theory, specifically extreme laissez faire that militates toward default governance by corporate plutocracy.

    The Republican Party is also anti-government (the paradox of politicians who don't believe government has a function running for government office is apparent and their motives should be immediately suspect.... culminating in things like Energy Corporations being invited by the Vice President to write Energy policy and regulations in secret....

    Also, this particular Republican administration, in my opinion the epitome of movement conservativism; modern Republicanism, has actively sought to undermine checks and balances, concentrating power in the Executive Branch and undermining the focus on individual liberty intended by the American Constitution....

    I'm stopping here..... but could go on.... Liberalism is not a choice between leftest versus rightest totalitarian regimes.... it is always hybrid. I don't think Chavez is a Liberal.

  8. Kucinich for sure... The Republican party has been willingly hi-jacked by the pious brethren and it hasn't a chance of recovering as long as the candidates are made to prove their conservative "christian" values each time they open their pie holes! Republicratics, too! It's a foregone conclusion at this juncture. They've been sold a bill of goods that are rotten to the core. There's a miniscule of difference between the two major parties and it ain't gonna correct itself...

    Kucinich is it.

  9. Anonymous8:20 PM

    Vote. Always vote. At different times, so many of us wouldn't have been allowed to do so, me as a woman, as not a landowner, others as people of colour and different races from me. Wasn't it the case that during the first election in which GWB was apparently elected, that police set up roadblocks in some poorer neighbourhoods of African Americans in Florida,to make it difficult to get to the polls? Hasn't it been the case in both of the last two presidential elections that vote counting has been suspect for different reasons, and in the last one, lawyers all over your country were prepared to go to court to extend voting hours in some polling stations for self-evident reasons? Of course, from North of the Border, I care what happens to my "cousins" South of the Border, and a vote for Kcinich seems like a reasonable one, to me. (For example, universally accessible medical insurance, is a threat to the bottom line of HMOs, not the rights and freedoms of American citizens, no matter what the politicians and corporations say.) However, I wouldn't say that a vote for anyone other than Kucinich is akin to a vote for facism, or for corruption (no matter how ineffectual many elected Democrats might seem right now). Extremist voters elect governments when moderate voters give up, and just don't make it to the polls. Vote, always vote.

  10. i agree.... vote. the modern republican party has made it easy for all Americans to vote against fascism.... unless you are part of the 20 percent of any nation that favors highly authoritarian government, a vote for a republican would be quite strange after these last 7 years.

    new picture that may or may not relate to the topic but i made it just before i posted this so here it is..... anthropod


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