Wednesday, September 26


There just seems to be a churning and a weird energy, whatever, around the blogs today.

I haven't been able to stop crying all morning. I'm going through my own personal rough patch but this is something else. Maybe it's Burma. The monks have been in my thought for several days now...

It's like an atmosphere, not of doom, but rather the morning of what we all know will (continue to) be a long and costly battle against the forces of darkness.

And we haven't been enough to end this administration.
Fox News continues to lie.
The war continues to kill.
The economy, stupid.
Veterans are treated like shit.
The battle seems too damn large.
And then I see a W sticker on a Lexus SUV during carpool today. I know where my crowbar is, too, but I'm running late.

Are we enough? I hate to let Kenneth Branagh answer for me, but his Henry V is his best, anyhow.

We bloggers, the modern day version of a small band of brothers. Modern-day '50's commie eggheads, more like. But still. If you are on the battlefield with me, we are family. We happy few. Sigh.

update: I posted my Quaker take on this at the sister site.


  1. we will survive this too.

    i keep telling myself that.

    we are a family, we are children of the universe.

    a brotherhood of man (60's yeah, i'm lost in the 60's lately)

  2. Time to review the Big Picture:
    We are engaged in an ancient Hippie conspiracy,going back in time to the first campfires of the human race.
    For as long as Civilisation continues,uninterrupted,the twentieth century of the Gregorian calendar will be known as the century when the human race learned to read and write.
    The year that I was born,fully 60% of the planet was completely illiterate, which meant that the illiteracy rate was the lowest it had ever been in the history of the world!
    Today,70% of all people on the planet can read,write,and do sums,which means that for the first time in human existence,the people who can sit down and read a book,write a letter,or plan a budget,are in the majority.
    This small fact,unnoticed,uncelebrated,unheralded,and unsung, changes everything!
    Everything which has gone before,presupposes,and requires,the existence of large numbers of uneducated people-who no longer exist.
    It's all coming apart for the princes of the world,and they don't know why,nor could this knowledge save them. It is too late.
    You won't see any sign of it in the MSM,but the dawn of THe Age of Literacy is already upon us.
    Of every creed and none,we are the Church of the Printed Word,Universal and Triumphant,and there is none who will stand before us,and say us nay!
    "All things are ready, if our minds be so."Now, soldiers, march away:
    And how thou pleasest, God, dispose the day!":)

  3. Hello BG,

    Hmmm... funny about this. Funny peculiar, not haha.

    I had a very strong reaction to some commenting mishegos at another blog and it caused me to feel some real fear. It freaked me out. A lot.

    Then I wrote, including a post about fear and that did help. I was very grateful to see the range of comments that came in about the topic.

    That said, it was still more intense than usual and harder to shake than I would imagine.

    There's something in the air. And then so much crap- especially the Lieberman-Kyl BS that went down today.

    All that said, I am trying to remain focused on peace and where and how I want my energy put out into the world. I am glad to be a part of this blog world that supports all of that.

    Peace and healing to all.

  4. "a W sticker on a Lexus SUV"

    Yeah, that would turn my mood sour like a burp that brings up a little something in my throat.

    I wrote this a long time ago, but I still like it:

  5. We must keep fighting. We must organize. We must keep growing our numbers. We must not be defeated. And we must insist on being taken seriously.

  6. I agree with everyone else, we are family and we must keep fighting.

    I must admit though whenever I hear that speech I think of a scene in the movie Renaissance Man with Danny DeVito and Gregory Hines where a soldier repeats this speech to Gregory Hines, his superior officer, in the rain. I guess I have just seen that movie too many times and so I think of it with this speech.

  7. Anonymous9:54 PM


    Do not despair over what you perceive as a hopeless cause. We are in the midst of a gigantic groundswell. That's what I think this blogsphere is. It's my believe that humans have a natural inclination to communicate and the Internet is the battle ground upon which this war of words is being waged.

    It's ironic that you would add a clip tonight about the St. Crispian Day speech from Shakespeare's Henry IV. Tonight the episode that was playing on Ken Burns's documentary "The War" was about D-Day, another do-or-die invasion of France. Fight the good fight my sister and don't let the bastards grind you down,

  8. Anonymous10:06 PM

    To have rough patches is human, to deny them is less than divine.

    I'm right there with ya sister.

  9. nah, we're fucked :(

  10. You know my mantra ... Don't agonize, organize! Taking action is the only thing that ever pulls me back from the edge.

    What helps me do this work every single day is knowing that while I may not see all the change I'd like in my lifetime, hopefully we will have moved forward at least a little on some of the things I care passionately about.


  11. Outrage fatigue and grief fatigue hit me at times. It can be tough. But Crispin's Day is a good rallying cry. Like the saying goes, "Don't let the bastards grind you down."

  12. Please delete this anonymous idiot. He just copied and pasted this stuff onto my blog as well.


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