Saturday, September 15

A reasonable facsimile
of what I'm sending to MoveOn dot Org
thanks to John McCain

Thanks, Senator McCain, for the great idea* on what to do to Move On dot Org!

Send one of these, from my own personal supply, of course, filled out appropriately:

The website is, um,

Click on "Donate."

*Oh, sorry, whenever I hear you say "run them out of the country" I hear, "send them money." Plus, you backpeddled after saying it, you flip-flopper.


  1. back in 1992 i sent GB #1 a check for $100, using my dead grandmother's account from a bank that was long out of business. It was a real check...

    i wanted them to deal with the returned check...

    i wish i still had her checks to send to McCain

  2. Naaa... Send 'em to Guili Jewels

  3. Yes, I think that check will be in the mail Monday AM. A good idea. I'll tell 'em Johnny-Got-His-Gun Boy sent me.

  4. i send money as often as i can to any place that idiots bad mouth.

  5. Anonymous10:50 PM

    I really can't afford it right now, but the stakes are just too high. So I will sacrifice my time reading DavidfuckingBroder's columns to beg for pennies on the street.

  6. I sure what he said was:send them enough money to run the country.

  7. Anonymous12:44 AM

    I gave to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee for the same reason.


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