Monday, September 24

Blue Gal Vlogs on internet porn?


  1. Anonymous10:16 AM

    Yes, but which is worse - people who do that for free or people who will do anything to be on tv?

    Stand next to Howie Mandel?

    Ewwww, that gives me the creeps.

    BTW - The New Yorker had an article years ago about how the home video camera was killing the pr0n pros. People have been willing to pose for free for almost 20 years now.Only the means of distribution has changed.

  2. hi, i love the vlogs!
    youporn? now i'm curious. hummmm? ; )

    oh, do you know how to put voice clips on blogger? i'd like to post a few poems that i've recorded on my computer but i'm not sure how and i am such a dunce with computers! : (

  3. I think I am now able to join the chat tonight.(Who you callin' a Techno- peasant,Willis?)
    Assuming I'm there,I'll have to leave early,as the wonderful people who run your country have put the season opener of Heros opposite a new DR WHO.(CBC RULES,PBS drools!)and I can only record one channel at a time.(Shut up! This hardly ever happens. Shut up!)
    Is the Pope bringing the pizza? 8D

  4. I had no idea You Porn was out there until you mentioned it. Thanks for the tip you Quaker vixen you.


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