Saturday, September 22


  1. Throw Your Arms Around Me

    Hunters and Collectors, Written by Mark Seymour, Covered by Crowded House and Pearl Jam

    One Night Stand Theme..... slightly different genre and nuance

  2. not a whole lotta nuance in that one, GD. But good beat easy to dance to etc.

    This post? That's Neil Finn of Crowded House singing a song that always makes me cry.

  3. yeph.... you have a point

  4. hey bg, i'd have no probs if you posted wilson phillips, as evidenced here...

    btw, congrats on being a front pager at c&l! didn't realize, and i have corrected my mis-statement on my blog about the jena 6 not getting coverage in blogtopia!

    and yes, i coined that phrase!

  5. BG, you are hopelessly romantic. You've GOT to see the Irish movie "Once."

  6. seen it Suzy. Bought the soundtrack, etc. so I guess you're right....


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