Saturday, September 22

A few moments of silence for a prisoner.

Words of Power passes the word.

The All Monks Burmese Alliance is calling on the people to stand outside their homes for 15 minutes of prayer at 8:00 pm, each evening for three days, starting Sunday, 9-24-07. That would UCT/GMT 14:00:00 from 9/23/07 thru 9/25/07.

I did the math. That is 9:30 am Eastern Time, we are AHEAD of Burmese time. Sunday Monday Tuesday. Fifteen minutes. I can stop and support this.

Richard's whole post is worth the read.


  1. i also put it on the pittsburgh women's blogging society.

    i fiqure every little bit helps.

    thanks for letting people know.

  2. BANGKOK, Thailand, Sept. 23 — The largest street protests in two decades against Myanmar’s military rulers gained momentum on Sunday as thousands of onlookers cheered huge columns of barefoot Buddhist monks and shouted support for the detained pro-democracy leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi.

  3. good post. I've also written about her and the situation in Burma....


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