Wednesday, June 11

Actually, no panties, but...

I know, I know, it's not gonna happen. Nevertheless, I'm wearing this shirt all day.


  1. Too many political cowards for the impeachment of Bush & Cheney cabal, despite damning evidence by the truck load.

    Too many wealthy cowards in congress, too many out-of-touch cowards in government and too many cowards saying, "they will gone soon so don't rock the boat".

    Rationalizations ad nauseum.

  2. Hold on to the dream. The pardon they've given themselves won't hold up in court.

    They won't be able to step foot in many places, won't be welcome in many more. They can bunker in somewhere and contemplate their legacy.

    They may be taken care of by their own, but post-office existence will be a humbling process.

    When they reach the Hague, we can break out the sparkling wines and toast their fortunes and our own.

    The lesson they never learned is simple. When you fuck something up you apologize. When you break it, you pay the bill to have it fixed or you pay for it.

    How much is a nation's credibility worth?

  3. Anonymous7:46 PM

    Not in a serious mood today, just wanted to say you look hot in that T-shirt


  4. One can always dream, BG.


  5. oh i love the bunny! i'm inviting her over to my blog. o.k? ; )


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