Monday, June 9

Salon tonight, video blog later this week.

Still getting the house (and my ragged self, oy what a weekend) ready for video blogging.

But we'll salon tonight...I look forward to catching up with everyone.

And when I hear this "Obama is naive" meme I realize the concern of many who celebrate George W. Bush's many years as UN Ambassador...

Oh, that's Obama supporter Richard Holbrooke.

...I meant, celebrating George W. Bush's formative years as an international diplomat...

Oh wait, that's Obama supporter Zbigniew Brzeziński.

That "Obama is Naive" meme is coming from among others international snuggle bunny John Bolton, inventor of the "endless war means good nutrition" meme, and sweetie pie John "my wife is a c*nt" McCain, inventor of "The Surge is Working" meme.



  1. What a disappointment this Zionist turned out to be for everyone, eh? The Right is calling Obama naive for not hitting the red button fast enough and the Left is calling him rational for giving Iran a chance to surrender to Western imperialism before he does.

    Working outside the UN and threatening Iran with military action aren't what I consider "change", but I guess after 8 years anything short of bat shit insanity qualifies you as a revolutionary.

    I always thought America would have to change before it saw its first black president. Turns out black leaders just had to change by becoming slavemasters themselves.

  2. Anonymous2:59 AM

    Fuck the fucking Bolton's.




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