Wednesday, June 4

Oh my god.

I turn on my tv. She's tough talking to AIPAC? This morning?

Oh. My. God.

I see the two Presidential Candidates will be there too. And Pelosi and Reid and, oh nevermind. Nice timing of this convention, but really. I'm a proud anti-AIPAC Democrat.

I had kind words for her as she ends, willingly or not, her Presidential Campaign. As a Senator, I categorize her with Joe Lieberman. She's a radical Zionist, and her disaster-inducing one-sided ham-fisted foreign policy mindset is exactly why she should not be Vice President.


  1. The gloves come off, the claws come out...

    "Let's go settle this in the parking lot!"

    Marquis of Queensbury rules naturally

  2. Haaretz posted a matching photo of Obama in the same, compromising pose
    here .

    Obama is probably best for America - but he comes with the price of supporting the genocide on Palestinians.

    I really don't know what to do.

  3. I too am anti-AIPAC, but I understand why politicians are willing to speak in front of them. They represent a large, and more importantly loud and influential, group of voters.

  4. Anonymous4:47 PM

    The kind of influence AIPAC has should be illegal. It's that simple.

  5. right on Blue. and welcome to the midwest; we keep the spare key at the base of the big oak tree out by the fairgrounds.

  6. "I'm a proud anti-AIPAC Democrat."

    I will be borrowing that line my friend!

  7. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Actually, John J., I don't know that large number of jews support AIPAC. My friends sure as hell don't. AIPAC does not represent popular jewish American thought. It represents a small group, a best. Just a very well funded group.

  8. The lowest of lows - to be grouped with scummy Joe The Weasel Lieberman - that is a slam.

    Hillary and AIPAC is another matter - straight up politics I think - and that's much easier to agree or disagree with.

  9. It is America's responsibility to dispense large doses of Prozac to all of the Middle Eastern countries, including Israel.

  10. Anonymous1:59 AM

    There are so many good posts already on this post by BG-but here's my mine.

    1) We need to wean ourselves off the teat of Isreal, AIPAC, and LIKUD.

    2) We need to ensure that a Palistinean State CAN subsist side by side in Jerusalem, with Jews. If Jews won't have it, then they are the problem.

    3) We were PART AND PARCEL of the problem of DISLOCATING the Palistinean's, long ago. We should enable their return to their homeland.

    4) And as others have said, LIKUD And AIPAC DO NOT SPEAK for US Jews, across the board. NOT AT ALL!

    5) We just need to stop this insane war machine money making scam the MIC is on. It's what's REALLY killin us as a wanna be leader in these times. And it's what's killed us up to now. NO MORE WAR MACHINE economy's, and NO MORE WAR MACHINE diplomacy's.

    6) WE got nukes and delivery systems galore. WE don't need to continually screw up as The Ugly American has continued to do so, for so long in our history.

    Great post BG, great post.


  11. Anonymous2:01 AM

    Sandy Underpants, who CARES where the spare key is.

    Where do you put the filled mason jars? *G*

  12. Oh gosh. I can't link to YouTube while at work, but I just watched Clinton threaten a nuclear attack is Isreal is attacked, and that shit is scary! I'l;l try and come back with the link that Ghost left over at my place later. I am really hoping Obama doesn't bow to the pressure he probably feels to get her voters' support to pick CLinton as his VP. Secret meetings scare me a bit.

  13. i am another anit-AIPAC democrat and anti-AIPAC american jew

    they do NOT speak for me or for a lot of jews......

    i wonder where they get most of their money


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