Wednesday, June 11

Yet another sign I am no longer in the deep south...

I keep having to pinch myself. Discussing job opportunities with a counselor here in the great Midwest.

Me: "I see you have job listings under "human rights". What's that about?"

Counselor: "The state's Department of Human Rights."

Me, with severe understatement: "We don't have that in Alabama."


  1. Awesome. It's like you clicked your sapphire* slippers together and here you are.

    * because ruby would be just wrong ;-)

  2. Howdy neighbor! Would you like a half gallon of strawberries from one of my patches?

  3. They do too have one of those in Alabama! Only it's against them...

  4. In Ape City we have a "Department of Human Affairs". It's a little different. Exterminations and lobotomies, mostly.

  5. Anonymous8:37 PM

    BG Budd: "And good bye to you too, old Rights of Man."

    Welcome home, BG. You belong with us. Hope you had a good weekend.

  6. Well, it's not called that in AL; this seems to be an approximation:

  7. true dat, moioci, but Shunra nailed it...Alabamians have been traditionally discriminated against BY the state. There's a Southern Poverty Law Center for a reason....

    Thanks for all the kind words and welcome, folks. I feel very much at home.

  8. i'm so happy that you are feeling good about the move.

  9. Congrats on your move out of the south. I served time there as well.


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