Monday, June 23

Blue Gal vlog 6/23

Blue Gal on the issue of "black enough/white enough" (seven minutes)

NY Times coverage of the Obama "Kansas values" ad (I excerpt comment 64) here.

Background on Congressman Artur Davis at his wiki page.

Snoop Dog (b. 1972) article at Esquire was appropriately bumped by George Carlin. RIP.

Skype salon is 9-10 Eastern. Just typing, no special equipment needed. Download Skype (seems spyware-free to me) here.

UPDATE: Emailer asks "what's that 'Marxist' shirt you're wearing?" I'm sorry, this is way too Regis and Kelly for me, but the shirt is here.


  1. Ha! Since when does common sense ever help you sell crack! That's what you get for using paper-and-ink based non-internet technologies to cull reference material for your political commentary, Blue Gal.

    And I don't like all of this high falutin' talk about "intergenerational politics". It just makes me feel old.

    "Black enough/white enough..." nobody ever talks about being orange enough... :o(

  2. Anonymous1:13 PM

    "Kansas values"... I thought we were supposed to think he was from Chicago.

    If they bring a plow, you bring a Johhn Deere...

  3. "If they cover it right..."

    Ah, that dry Midwestern humor reasserts itself.


  4. Good segment!

    I can't attend tonight - an old friend's in town. But have fun!

  5. Nice passel of observations. Thank you, too, for using the term "black" consistently throughout. I swear, when did the term go out of style? I've been afro-americaned to death.

    I'll turn 55 in a few weeks. I came of age in a crumbling n.e. city that was mostly ghetto in the 70's. If you used any term out loud but black you were apt to be hooted down...or worse.


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