Sunday, June 15

Happy Father's Day...

I was never a saccharine "daddy's little girl" because he always treated my two sisters and me as beloved intellects. Thanks for that, Dad, and for being the man who always captured me on film better than anyone else ever could. I love you.

Dad took this
picture of me in 1963


  1. The intensity of your gaze was apparent even then.

    What really gets me is your tiny hand- already open and extended.

    That - I love.

  2. Dear Foo Foo, Thanks for the endorsement and the socks! I love "Gold Toes!" The pics you sent were most enjoyable. How come I don't remember taking some of them them? That's me on the deck of the Aquitania in 1937, coming to America!

    Love you! DAD

  3. What a cute photo! And Fran is right on as usual.


  4. very very sweet...happy fathers day...


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