Tuesday, June 10

Oh here ya go...

Watch for the terrorist fist bump at 4:02, my friends.


  1. "is it ever worth fighting a war over BLTs?"

    classic :-)

  2. Anonymous8:59 PM

    You don't want to miss Ali G's interviews of Nader, Gus Grissom and Brent Scowcroft (who actually walked off). Priceless.

  3. I knew it. Buchanan is a Muslim plant performing in whiteface. Or maybe he thought it was a white power thing.

  4. Ha! I knew that Buchanan was a terrorist! You can tell by his beady little eyes and his doughy, unhealthy looking skin.

  5. "Jab," Fran.

    E.D. called it a "terrorist fist jab," and in my heart, it shall always remain thus.

    Oh, E.D., we hardly knew ye.


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