Monday, June 16

Blue Gal vlog June 16

Four minutes in my new digs! And shout out to Splotchy, mentioned in the vlog above.

Looks like my webcam is still adjusting to the Midwest lighting. I'll work on that next time.


  1. i would love to have a kid/grandkid like that. that essay was just too full of wonder and optimism to be anything less that terrific.

    so glad you are settling in.
    i think that kid's teacher must be a good one. your kids should have a time at the new school if they have more teachers like his!

  2. i just put a video of max up on my blog. you have to click it a few times to go onto youtube or it stops in mid-play. not sure why. i can't figure out how to do it properly. oh well. anyway. max is a youtube pup now! ; )

  3. Anonymous2:55 PM

    Gal,your blog is one of my favourites! I would like you to visit mine too:

    By the way, ive solen some inresting materials for mine:-)

    I m going to blog this video too:-) you are an wonderful gurl:-)


  4. gosh what a lovely story. and there you were, at just the right moment, and it came to you like a gift. i'm discovering this sort of thing more and more of late, that life can jump up with good surprises along with all the rest. it's a comfort somehow. i'm coming around to religion too, but some of the people around me might not think of it in that way. anyway, i didn't mean to get off on a tangent. only to thank you for sharing this ... which, in turn, is one of your gifts to us.

  5. wow..aren't kids dreams great....( hey Pepsi is just fine with me....)so you are in the Midwest- Welcome...I hope it is good to you and your kids...( I had no idea about the Pollen...ooops)....I missed Skype- sorry....was waiting with my son to see gore....( which was very very late.... and not so wonderous- thanks to the stpuid punditheads talking through it....)

    Anyways....take care and welcome....

  6. For a second there I thought you were going to read an old story of mine.

    I remember an excellent story I wrote about an invisible football game. It had excitement, pathos, stick figures, etc.


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