Friday, June 27

The Hello Kitty Motor Vehicle Registry Death Watch

Loyal readers to this humble blog are well aware of its Hello Kitty Airline Travel Death Watch. Yesterday this phenomenon appeared at the Motor Vehicle Registry in the state where I now reside.

Yes, the good news is I am now a registered voter with a valid Blue State driver's license, and the trusty minivan also breathed a sigh of relief to have some very nice Midwestern license plates of its very own. The Alabama plates, well, some days it's embarrassing enough that they say Alabama on them but then they had to go off with the whole God Bless America license plate and please don't get me started.

The whole process of becoming a legal Midwesterner took less than 35 minutes with virtually no wait time. Thank you, Midwest Motor Vehicle Registry People.

But about the adult woman after me at the vehicle registry. (I have more forgiveness in these matters if the woman in question is under, say, 22. This one was maturing fast into Oil of Olay territory and I should know.) She was wearing these Hello Kitty seashell flower earring thingys AND looking to register her car.

It was so confusing.

Was she forced to wear these as punishment for some vicious crime?

Or perhaps she was wearing these in the hope that they would disguise her horrible guilt?

Could it be that not everyone in the Great Midwest had heard about the thing called "Good Taste in Jewelry"?

Oh yah, that last one there, you betcha.

[It's high time, my friends, to make Hello Kitty Death Watch a Blogger post label...]


  1. i lived in mpls for about 3 years, and found it a very very sensible place, like making the margarine users add their own color to the stuff, and blizzards didn't make anyone even blink twice, whereas here, in carolina, the very mention of an inch of snow makes everyone panic and run to the store for bread and milk and batteries, and the snow plows can hardly keep up with all that WORK they have to do. and license renewals? don't get me started.

  2. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Oh, you only got a glimpse of how bad it can be. Consider yourself lucky it was only a pair of earings. Believe me, it can get far, far worse...

  3. Verrrrry interesting, like we've discovered a trigger, a button to push, if you will.

    You really want to share that with the world? Hello, Kitty!

  4. Anonymous10:57 AM

    A few years back, when we looking to decorate our 5-year-old's room with Hello Kitty crap, we used EBay. We found adult sized panties and the weirdest thing was Hello Kitty feminine hygiene pads.

    I was just trying to imagine the conversation between the mother and the daughter on her first period. "Look dear, see what I got you! I know how much you love Hello Kitty"

  5. Anonymous7:06 PM

    It could be worse. I read an article about Hello Kitty themed weddings in Japan. That said, when I first heard about Hello Kitty, I thought it was a line of sex toys.

  6. Anonymous2:00 AM

    Ya know, if only you'd moved to the Pac NW, or even somewhere like SF, Santa Cruz, and such. ;-)


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