Thursday, June 26

Thursday quickies?

Really, advertisers around the globe are now trying to figure out how to Get Bill O'Reilly Steamed. Apparently, Madison Avenue, all you have to do his have a gay person in your ad. A big congratulations to Heinz, pulling the ad probably nets you half a mil in totally free youtube hits. And BillO? They don't serve Heinz mayonnaise at the better Key West accommodations, but you might want to check out the Key West website anyway, as long as I can see the look on your face when you do. Hee.


If you're one of those people who has Tina Fey Lara Logan for your personal (not mentioning imaginary) girlfriend, ahem, you've got company. Lots.


Holy crap. CQ Politics suggests that Obama not only bail out Hillary's campaign debt, but help Biden, Edwards, Richardson, and Dodd retire their debts as well.

Hell, why stop there? Let's pay off Republican campaign debts, too! Rudy Guiliani is so destitute from his disastrous primary campaign spend-a-thon (53 dollars and change per vote with no delegates to show for it) that he's taken to sleeping on subway cars.

If you ask me, there is something quite vile behind this meme that Obama has huge money to spare, a pernicious hinting at some Obama inevitability train. We know at which station that train terminates, so we ain't gettin' on it. Fight on, Democrats, one day and fifty states at a time.

And hell yeah, let's pay off Howard Dean's 2004 campaign debt. We OWE him.

Happy Thursday, ma hunnies.


  1. i thought it was akin to strong arm tactics.

    maybe he can send a few bucks my way for max's puppy food and vet bills? ; )

  2. I'm just pleased that those people will finally fixate on someone else, leaving poor Tina Fey alone.

    For me.

  3. I wonder sometimes if stories about Obama's "Big" money, helping our Hillary or all the fuss about Michelle Obama are nothing but misdirection tactics started by Repug gutter snipes.

    Anything to deflect the campaign from real issues - such as, "How many hours a day does Old John use a walker for getting around".

  4. don't chall be badmouthin my lara. and that cranky couric beitch just wishes she had it so good.

  5. Yeah, what James said. Don't be beating up on Lara Logan. She's the woman of steel.

    And I don't say that just because I'd like to see her in Helen Slater's old "Supergirl" costume.

  6. I wonder if Obama will help me with my debt???

  7. Memo to Logan - Depart from the approved corporate media message, and the very serious MSM will devote its vast panoply of resources to the jiggling titillation of America at your expense.

    The fact that you are a caucasian, and blonde (for the purposes of showbiz) is a happy bonus for which you should be grateful.
    After all, it makes the assignation of the digital scarlet letter so much more telegenic.


  8. Anonymous11:55 PM

    Tina Fey's still a hottie! It's her ATTITUDE!

    Laura Logan, not so much.

    But now she got baggage, true or not.

    Po Gal . . . I'm not sad for her.


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