Thursday, June 5

Some cheer up music if you need it.

I just like it. And I'm really really happy about the news that Obama, who could have done otherwise, decided to play smart (duh) and keep Howard Dean on as DNC chair. Yay.

and btw, Terry McAuliffe? You've gotta find a better, healthier outlet for your grief than rum, pal. Maybe you'd like to join the DC/metro Cupcake enthusiasts group. Or something.


  1. Anonymous3:14 PM

    Gawd, I love this song.

  2. Woo hoo! I saw the B-52's last Halloween and they were awesome (of course). Wanna buy their Funplex album too.

    Oh and Donna Summer also has a new album out. God really does exist!

  3. Anonymous1:49 AM

    1) I'm hoping for the complete DEATH of the DLC.
    2) Howard Dean is NOT a bad choice for Obama, as he takes over the party's machinations. Not. At. All. (insert Rock N Roll Animal w/ Lou Reed here, NOT AT ALL!)
    3) I LOVE the 52's, always have, and at 55, ROAM is STILL one of my ultimate fav's. I tire of Rock Lobster and Love Shack, but Planet Claire . . . well. *G*

    Good to hear yer voice. Thanks for being out there for us all . . .

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  5. DC/Metro Cupcakes? Two please!

  6. Yup, I needed this... and will need more for about a week, I think. So thanks.


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