Wednesday, June 25

Some (more) cheer up music if you need it.

Silly and fluffy, but the video is so funny and somehow the song came on the radio at just the right time. Gotta face the world and do some bizness today ma hunnies have a good one.


  1. I found myself oddly attracted to some of the fluffiness in the vid, thank you very much.

  2. Anonymous12:03 AM

    Lovely girls, redhead in blue, ooh, ooh, ooh . . . . whoops, vows, marriage vows . . . ok. Bettah now . . *G*

    Stupid video.

    GREAT song, and full of great music.

    One of the best Del Amitri did. That I HEARD, anyways.

    I stopped listening to the radio when I found the toobs, in '01 . . . so I don't know what else they done.


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