Sunday, September 25

Baghdad is a friend of mine.
And Katrina, you are no Baghdad.


Blue Gal was busy getting ready for a party yesterday and did not march on Washington.

And before you think that Blue Gal is just a vain silly party girl and not politically serious, the party celebrated the 40th anniversary of the ACLU of Alabama.

Over all, the party was good. Blue Gal got to see the two deeply religious women who, at great personal and professional sacrifice (both are lawyers in Montgomery) put their names on the lawsuit against Roy's Rock, Judge Roy Moore's Ten Commandments monument. So-called Christians left voicemails for these women to tell them to "watch their backs." Ahem.

She also got to see a very brave man who was once Rosa Park's lawyer. The history of the ACLU and the fine people associated with it in this state (Alabamian Helen Keller was a founder of the national ACLU) is something of which Blue Gal is very proud.

Not too proud of the keynote address. Memo to the head honcho: You do good work, but the deaths from Katrina cannot be directly traced to the fact that blacks don't get enough welfare. Meebe that horn plays real good up in New York City (satan's lair) but a lot of your audience here in Dixie were kinda shakin' their heads.

Readers may have noticed Blue Gal kinda left Katrina alone. She's relieved, actually, that the Impeach Bush Coalition has veered away from hurricanes and is concentrating on Iraq. See, according to Blue Gal, Dubya did not order the storms in the Gulf Coast. But he sure ordered the storms in the Persian Gulf, and he committed impeachable offenses in the process. The Brouhaha has a good post on this, btw.

Today's Blue Gal "Don't Sugarcoat It" award goes to profmarcus, for his lovely post, "Fat-ass, blowhard, irrelevant, lying Novak lies some more."

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  1. Anonymous10:21 PM

    Hey, BlueGal~ We were thinking of directing some of our 2005 hurricane reconstruction money into local state charities. So, my question to you (noticing that your located in Alabama): Is there a local something to where we can send our financial help...?


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