Tuesday, September 13

Surf's up


Blue Gal is surfing the member blogs of the Impeach Bush Coalition.

One of the members actually lectured Blue Gal!:

i do hope that readership is not the goal... of course, we ALL want to be read but i would encourage you to focus on putting out the truth as you see it and let the readership follow...

What? Pundit bloggers seeking readership through political theatrics? Perish the thought!

Blue Gal is almost old enough to remember The Chicago Seven. They figured out, kids, that it's all theatrics. May the Yippies return with full force! Oh, and I'll be in trouble if I don't plug hubby's book right here.

Anyhow. Stunted Growth has a very nice photo set on Flikr, all related to impeach the prez. I'm sure he'll let you steal with credit (SWC).

And Neil the Monster offers a perspective from across the pond, especially as refers to those icky ID cards.

Now some readers might think it's strange that people from ENGLAND want to see Bush impeached. Those same readers need to remember that Tony Blair would sound a lot more intelligent if his lips were not glued to Dubya's butt.


  1. LOL. Tony Blair's lips wrapped around Dubya's butt -- great description.

  2. Blue Gal gets it right, as ever.

    Of course our Dear Leader, Kim-Il Blair, has his lips firmly pressed against Dubya's cleft. . .

    . . the worry is where his tongue is!

    Thanks for the front-page linky.

    Neil The Monster


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