Tuesday, September 27

That Blue Gal, she is very "intelligent"...


Blue Gal is often asked where she stands on intelligent design.

Blue Gal stomps all over intelligent design.

Blue Gal thinks intelligent design is...well... SATAN.

Anything that distracts Christians from the unending work of cleaning up after their own sins,

Anything that distracts Christians from loving their neighbors,

Anything that tempts Christians to argue something just so silly in the public sphere rather than pray and repent in the private one,


Ah, there is your answer. Satan. Satan could never make Christians, true Christians, into blatant sinners. So Satan gets Christians all bent out of shape over something that even in the short run just doesn't matter.

Blue Gal advises Christians to leave the creation of carbon-based life forms to the science fiction writers, and yes, the scientists, if that is their thing. She has been listening to the posthumous writings of Douglas Adams and he was an atheist and an evolutionist and still found the ability within his God-created soul (sorry Douglas, Blue Gal just has to editorialize) to be very funny about it. And if there were such a silly thing as intelligent design funny smart men like Douglas Adams would not have died so young.

Speaking of funny smart men who died too young, much too young, today would have been the birthday of Lewis Alquist. In his memory (and Blue Gal will remember him every day for the rest of her life) please "dredge up a really strange idea and laugh about it." (hat tip: Mr. Pain) Lew would appreciate that. Here is a really strange idea that Lew made happen, on top of a tall building in Phoenix, Arizona. He called it "Citizen Eyes."



  1. Looks like ya opened a can of worms Blue Gal with the link to my blog! Thanks though! By the way, Crooks & Liars just stole a recent picture I posted earlier today & people are going nuts about it!---The Sappho Manifesto

  2. www.PandasThumb.org is a pretty decent science-type "oh my god this ID stuff is such crap!" blog.

    Lots of PhDs involved.

  3. you are an idiot. . .

    Guess what? I think YOU are an instrument of satan.

    So we can have atheist theorys taught in our school, but not christian ones? Do you not believe in equality? Or do you just hate people who think outside the box. People who think that theres beyond human senses. People like you truly make me sad.

  4. Something's broken here, BlueGal. I read your blog, I keep wanting to applaud!


  5. Sorry, BG. I am clearly the evil twin today. My opinion on ID is posted at www.threadingwater.blogspot.com

    panties, panties, panties

    Love you!

  6. WHICH everyone can read by clicking the link on Blue Gal's sidebar...


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