Wednesday, September 28

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In Awards News:

Several Blue Gal readers have sent in suggestions for the "Don't Sugarcoat It" award...keep 'em coming! The criteria are, which may be changed by Blue Gal without notice:

1. The item must come from a blog on a free server, in other words, the blogger must be in a position to be eternally grateful to Blue Gal for her notice. Bill Maher is a good no-sugarcoater, but he does not know Blue Gal exists, YET.

2. The item must express its emotion in no uncertain terms. We want raw language here, not necessarily obscene, though. And yes, spelling does count.

3. Blue Gal may copy the post to her own blog, or link to the winning blog as she sees fit. She will in any event give full credit to the winning blogger and provide Blue Gal readers with the url. She will also whereever possible add a comment to the winning post to let them know they won.

Using the criteria above, you will notice that Pre$$titutes, which is a good website and whose post

"ABC's political tipsheet The Note
is a stinking repository of Bush-licking Pre$$titution

is certainly in the spirit of the Don't Sugarcoat It Award, is disqualified on the basis of Rule number one. Sorry guys.

In other news, y'all know Blue Gal never misses an opportunity to mention the word "panties". So imagine her delight and surprise that the blogosphere is running a clean, new panty drive for Katrina victims, called Operation Panty Drop. Blue Gal will be giving to this and to...

Bob Casey for United States Senate (PA)

Blue Gal has a message for Rick Santorum. What do you think it means that your opponent is uploading YOUR televised interviews on his website to show people why they should vote for HIM? Blue Gal wouldn't be taking that as a compliment, Rick.

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  1. Operation Panty Drop

    This is a scream! I assume they are serious about what they're doing, and it's a great idea.


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