Friday, September 9

Blue Gal's new calling


Blue Gal has to issue a cease and desist order, courtesy of FEMA.

Only Fafblog is allowed to type in "Salvation Army" and then link it directly to Blue Gal. This is an exclusive arrangement between The Happy Pizza and Herself. Any mention of Blue Gal being a love slave, screaming "Watch this, Giblets!" while dressed in a sergeant's uniform, are spurious and will be denied at the highest level.

Practicing Restraint

Blue Gal will not comment on our Vice's epithet to Mr. Leahy on the Senate floor last year, nor will she comment that the same epithet was used on live television to the Vice recently in Gulfport, Mississippi. Blitzer & Cafferty have done this for her:

Cafferty: The vice-president said that was the first time he heard it. Didn't he utter the same phrase to Senator Patrick Leahy on the floor of the United States Senate?

Blitzer: Yes.

Cafferty: So it wasn't the first time he heard it.

Blitzer [carrying water]: The first time he heard it in the context of this trip.

Cafferty: You know what, I bet it's not the last. [thanks, Eschaton.]

When Giblets says it to Blue Gal, it's in the form of a petition, and Giblets always says "pretty please." Many in our leadership could learn a thing or two from Giblets.

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