Tuesday, September 6

Mommy's tired


Blue Gal was up with an anxious three year old girl last night, a couple times, and has to change the sheets on her six year old's bed this morning (don't ask). So she was so delighted to come across beloved Garrison Keillor's ode to coffee. Without coffee Blue Gal could not have gotten the kids to school and without the kids to school Blue Gal would not be napping later this morning which she will do even after too much coffee. Heck, sometimes Blue Gal has a nice hot cup of the stuff right before her nap.

Gary also has a new book coming out, Good Poems for Hard Times. The times they are a changin', but of course we all have hard times and maybe someone will get a copy for our President.

Garrison Keillor was the first real author ever to put pen to postcard about Blue Gal. That was a lifetime ago. She wasn't Blue Gal then, just a much younger woman in line at the Harvard Coop and Mr. Keillor was signing, good God, Lake Wobegon Days. Her friend Mike, a shy person who always accused Blue Gal of being "effusive," sent her a postcard with nothing on it save the "Dear" and "Signed, Mike" so Mr. Keillor filled it in for him. "Dear Mike," he wrote, "She's lively, not effusive." May I ever be so.

Speaking of hard times for our President, BG's sure all her friends in the blogosphere will be linking to Andy Borowitz today. Good one, Andy.


  1. Sorry about the rough night, and hoping you had a long, refreshing nap. Thanks for the link to Garrison's 'Ode to Coffee.' Greatest Husband is a reformed coffee drinker and mornings just aren't the same in our house anymore.

  2. I love Andy Borowitz. Love him. Love. Him.


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