Saturday, September 17

Toxins are sooo relaxing...


By now Blue Gal figgers everyone's heard that Katrina means we get to chuck any environmental standard that might be inconvenient to the no-bid Halliburton clean-up crews, or anybody else. Anywhere.

Blue Gal thinks that's great! Hey, she's no hypocrite. She relaxed her own environmental standards after her first child was born, and now that she has three...well, let's just say she's satisfied if her blog looks good.

Everyone also knows that Blue Gal kidded around that Halliburton would get no-bid contracts to clean up after Katrina, and then it actually happened.

So Blue Gal feels free to "kid" again: Yo, Dick, where's the undisclosed location of Halliburton's asbestos stash? On its way to NOLA new construction? Great way to ditch it, dude!



  1. Anonymous6:34 PM

    I would not put anything past Crooked Lip and his slimeball associates. NOLA does indeed offer up a wonderful opportunity to ditch a bunch of bad stuff.

  2. Many thanks for the comment, and best regards.


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