Thursday, September 29

Don't get cocky, lefty bloggers!


All right, all right. Blue Gal does appreciate that after all this deLay we lefty bloggers deserve a little hoopla. But don't get too cocky. Remember, Blue Gal is a believer, and if your blog points out that this indictment is proof that there may be a God after all even Pat Robertson might take you seriously.

Blue Gal hopes her readers find it comforting that The Angry Buddhist is praying for us.

Keep the faith.


  1. I am delighted to find your blog, Blue Gal, via Kathy at Birmingham Blues. I always think I could never live in the South again (I'm a Virginia native living in Maine), but you gals give me hope.

  2. "She's left, she's right and she rocks"
    Damn I wish I'd said that!

    I too came here via Birmingham Blues. How cool to discover two sister Bama blogs within half an hour of each other!

  3. So - glad to have discovered you via Birmingham Blues - always looking for great reads. I'm actually a really blue lesbian in a really red state. I shall return!

  4. Anonymous3:30 PM

    Kathy sent me, her co-Kathy, too.

    And like her, I'm originally from the South, but now live in southern England. Near London, where I give Tony Blair hell.

    It's up to Blue Girls to give Bush hell.


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