Saturday, September 10

Glory Days!

This just in from Blue Gal's favorite potential convict (Blue Gal bucks the conventional wisdom--Abu Gahrib would be good enough for 'im), Robert! Novak!!!

Rep. Christopher Shays of Connecticut is more liberal than nearly all his fellow Republicans, but he has tried to be a Bush loyalist. He is a member of the Homeland Security Committee and chairs the national security subcommittee of the Government Reform Committee. Consequently, it is noteworthy when he accuses the administration of "a real sense of arrogance. Loyalty and never admitting a mistake matters more than the truth. It has a Nixon feel to me."

After Blue Gal wondered aloud whether a "Nixon feel" was anything like a "Schwarzenegger grope", she realized, at long last, what that the empty feeling inside of her was...a longing for the glory days of...

Spiro Agnew!!!


Blue Gal is old enough to remember those halycon days of 1973, when being a former governor of Maryland actually meant something, usually an indictment. When saying "Nixon for President, Agnew for Vice" got a chuckle for everyone from Art Buchwald to Daniel Schorr. Old liberal farts everywhere are getting their panties in a wad, begging, praying to the beltway gods. Are we returning to the days of Nixon?

Has Laura turned to the bottle yet? That Katrina/Corina thing...might be Dry Sack. And with David Frost gone, who's gonna interview the impeached/resigned Shrub when he comes out with the multi-volume memoirs Karen Hughes is writing for him right now?


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