Sunday, September 4

Movie Previews

Blue Gal and her darling husband went to see "Constant Gardener" this aft...a movie that proves beyond a doubt that Ralph Fiennes is still pretty, even if squalid Africa isn't. Also, that Bill Nighy and Pete Postlethwaite steal movies without even trying.

But the reel news was in the previews, with George Clooney's lovely timing for "Good Night and Good Luck," a drama about Edward R. Murrow vs. McCarthy. They used the real McCarthy for this one, and preview audiences said he was overacting. Go figure. Blue Gal's daughters would never be allowed a thousand feet from George Clooney, but she admires that naughty boy sooo much for what looks like a wonderful kick in the kidneys for the Patriot Act and other Dubya silliness.

Oh, and he hired Robert Downey, Jr. Blue Gal would like to rehabilitate that boy. Personally.

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