Thursday, September 1

Kill your television.


Blue Gal's house has donated to Katrina relief. If John Kerry did not personally email you the list of charities, go here.

Now that you've done that, good little children, it's time to turn off the television. The news networks are covering Katrina because it's good television. Why when the hurricane is hitting and citizens are being evacuated and everyone is supposed to seek shelter are reporters and cameramen outside? Because it's good television.

Children, "good television" is an evil oxymoron. Where is the Downing Street Memo? Where is Karl Rove? Okay, all you compassion junkies who are trolling the blogosphere to pass judgment on those bloggers who are "insensitive" to the victims, why did we not help enough in Darfur? It's because...these are no longer good television.

Blue Gal almost cried to see looters, desperate for everyday needs, stealing food and diapers. But Blue Gal's heart broke when she saw looters stealing televisions. People who have no house or electricity still know the power of the plug-in drug.

Have you watched (oh, that word) Fahrenheit 451? Not 9/11, children, but the original, which many of you do not know was used to name the anti-Bush documentary. You did not know this, Michael Moore's the pity. Go rent this movie and turn off Fox and CNN and see where our world might go, where it is now. Julie Christie watches an interactive Queer Eye and it is scaaaary.

Open your window on the world, please. Stop looking at the electric box. Stop. Turn it off. Off. Now.


  1. Anonymous1:56 PM

    Where is the Downing Street Memo? Where is Karl Rove?

    What I want to know is where this is:
    I admit it, CNN is on for me. It's on pretty much all the time, and I'm patiently waiting for them to at least mention this. People have taken to calling the flooded area "Lake George."


  2. Theories about TV's toxicity as an addictive drug do indeed seem to be vindicated in the referenced events.

  3. The only thing worse than the national television reporters are the local dudes trying desperately to make the all important 'local' connection. I got sucked into that unholy vortex twice this week as a function of my job - to be on camera giving consumers in Wisconsin advice on how to be prepared (insurance-wise) for a natural disaster. Like a hurricane? In Wisconsin? Well, let's just pretend it's a really big tornado or something. I thought I'd seen the local pretty faces at their worst by now, but, alas, I was wrong.


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