Sunday, September 18

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graph post crooks and liars

The chart above shows the expected increase in profits for Halliburton before and after the federal government scuttled prevailing wage laws in the post-Katrina Southeast. (thanks Queerjoe).

Oops, wrong chart. This chart shows what can happen when Blue Gal gets a mention at Crooks and Liars. Green is hits, Blue is new hits. Blue Gal is used to getting hit on, but not over 900 hits in one day. Considering what Blue Gal had to do to get the mention, but she can't figger it out, she just wrote about Cheney, and laughed a little, and well,

It's all a little bit humbling.

Blue Gal's darling husband objected to the photo of our Vice because of the crude term beneath it, but then darling husband lives in a cave and did not know that Vice used that term on the floor of the United States Senate. That changes everything.

Blue Gal went to church this morning and prayed for Vice. Really. She also prayed for those Christians who genuinely thought they were doing the Right Thing when they voted for this administration. She feels so sad sometimes.

She doesn't like this administration's brand of "robust" Christianity, but we all have to share this planet together, and it just doesn't seem right to wish them all out on their butts just because a couple thousand soldiers died over a lie about WMD's while Vice's seat is being kept warm at companies that profit from the war and now his friends at Halliburton are set designers for the Katrina clean up which means forget the EPA and the prevailing wage laws and any other inconveniences and let's just clean up the shit, okay?


Blue Gal is losing her temper. On the Lord's Day. Time to take a deep breath and think about someone less objectionable, but then Rick Santorum comes to mind and...

You know, it looks like he's gonna be out on his butt. That's better.

Blue Gal calms down a little when she realizes the great friends she has in the blogosphere. Looked at the 'ol sidebar and realized the good twin needs her own spot there, because when Fux News spends an entire afternoon talking about de la Resistance's kidnapping, (because she is white and rather pretty, btw) loyal readers have been warned...Blue Gal and Second Nature did it. We're knitting. Leave us alone.

And Dena reads Blue Gal before she drinks her morning coffee. Blue Gal can't believe it, and said so. Dena's reply:

Remember Thurber's essay on near-sightedness? when I read your blog before coffee, and then again when the world comes into focus and I find out what you *actually* meant. Double the bang for the buck, gf!

Yeah, Blue Gal has friends like that. Friends that quote Thurber. Friends that Totally Get It when BG says, "Joining Mensa to meet men was the stupidest thing I ever did." Betcha Vice and Rick Santorum don't have girlfriends like that. 'Course, meeting Rick Santorum at a Mensa meeting would be like meeting Hitler at schul. But I digress...

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  1. Congrats on the C&L mention. Now that you're big and famous, can I have Olbermann and the faf?


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