Friday, September 30

Not alone this weekend...

Blue Gal has discovered she is not alone. Birmingham Blues not only gave BG a nice linky, she sent all her southern blue girlfriends over for a visit. Hey girls, sit back, have a cuppa iced tea (us Yankees are rebels 'cause we drink it unsweet) and stay a while...

Since one of these new visitors even offered to learn to knit in exchange for a visit from Blue Gal, she deserves special mention. Intous, honey, like Blue Gal told ya, we just can't have too many smart funny lesbians 'round here. She'll be all the more valuable once she casts on twenty and does a stockinette swatch. Natural fibers on nickel plated needles, girls, or you're outta here.

From intous we get this timely message:


Keep the faith and have a nice weekend. Rumor has it next week CFAV is gonna do a number on Intelligent Design. Can't wait.


  1. So - Blue Gal isn't a college football fan? Probably a good thing. The Gamecocks (University of South Carolina alum, I am) are a team that plays with/against Alabama in the SEC. We lost to them a couple of weeks ago. Very badly, I grudgingly add. Such is life. And, no. All blue state lesbos aren't football fans if that's what you're thinkin'.

    Let's talk about knitting. Oops - looks like you've already started that conversation.....guess I'll have to get a book.

    Thanks for the link and mention.

  2. Speaking of CFAV, they're crediting you (with a "hat halo tip") with pointing out the interview with Alabammy state senator Erwin about how the hurricanes are god's vengeance, but I didn't see you mention it. It's on C&L, though:

    What's the deal with that?


  3. No, you can't have too many smart, funny lesbians. But don't you also want some quirky, somewhat self-absorbed, gay men around as well? We need your attention, too. . . I would learn to knit, or at least crochet.

  4. I'm totally with you on the natural fibers, but why the nickel-plated needles? I'm a wooden needle fan myself, although I own a little bit of everything.

  5. Glad to be of service. And that "Spot the Homo" thing still makes me cackle.

  6. nickel plated needles? speed, baby.

    and gayprof:

    oh sweetheart, come on in! you can help with the punch.

    And if you really want to knit, you can do no better than

    Queer Joe


    The Panopticon

    They're FANTASTIC knitters, and ya know, (whisper) I think they're gay.


    Blue Gal

  7. Are non-knitters allowed? I'd just like to watch.

  8. Blue Gal thinks anybody named backward dog would fit riiiight in...welcome.


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