Thursday, September 22

To honor and to cherish


Pardon Blue Gal for being such a buttinski, but when The New Yorker magazine starts advertising wedding rings for same-sex couples, it is time for Rick Santorum, the four out of five Baptist divorcees who want gays to stop undermining the sanctity of marriage, and the rest of the so-called Christian family values coalition to


Blue Gal is not gay. But she likes this site anyway.

This happens to be National Santorum Awareness Week at one of Blue Gal's favorite "alternative" websites, Conservatives for American Values. Those of you who've been reading CFAV for longer than Blue Gal know, it's just such a special website full of insights and carefully worded posts, but like many blogs the comments are just as funny, er, that is, informative, as the blog itself. Blue Gal wishes CFAV many successful years of blogging and, well, she's praying for you.



  1. On your recommendation, I visited CFAV. I'm still trying to regain my composure.

    In a comment that equated feminism with homosexuality, a visitor wrote, "How many straight women have you seen in the workplace? I've seen none. Every single female coworker has spurned my advances and a few have actually complained about the rump pats."

    And... he's serious.

    I needed this. I was getting too complacent.

  2. About three years ago, I went to GA (UU yearly conference) and there was an actual meeting for Unitarian Republicans.

    Suffice it to say, it was a small group.

    I wonder how small it would have been if it had been gay Republican Unitarians.

  3. Memo from Blue Gal to BushCheney08. Oh no you don't.


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