Sunday, February 25

Art and chaos day at Blue Gal

Above is detail from Joan Linder's "Bra, Italy; Panties, Cambodia; Shoes, Brazil," online at the Judi Rotenberg Gallery (Boston).

If you want to read a three-thousand word essay about this piece (which shows the large undergarment, small outline of the country-of-origin, and a larger citibank logo), with similar musings about the nature of personal clothing, commerce, privacy, ownership, sexuality, national boundaries, and art...'ve come to the wrong place. Let's not spoil it, shall we?

Some of the art in this gallery makes up in fine execution what it lacks in subtlety of statement. (Oops, I'm about to ruin it for everybody. Sorry.) I offer as a fine for-instance, Dave Cole's Trophy Wives, and Money Dress, a Vera Wang gown knit out of strips of dollar bills. Timely that Lizzy Gardner's Gold Card Dress from the 1994 Oscars said the same thing with less tearage.

Hey, it's Sunday afternoon. Galleries like this one, whether virtual or real, are for walking around and getting lost. Enjoy.


  1. Happy Gay Super Bowl day, Blue Gal!

    As for me, I couldn't give two shits less about the awards show.

    The thing bores me senseless, and it has no real meaning to anyone except for the participants. I just hate always seeing the politics involved and the egos.

    But you know how much of a purist I am.

  2. hi, thanks for the gallery link.
    i enjoy things like this, among other things. ; )

  3. Very nice show. The teddy bear in Dave Cole's exhibit looks disturbingly like hamburger though.

  4. Kinda like wandering and getting lost in blogland, eh? Thanks for visiting my site! Let's do a good job making each other a little bit more famous!

    Btw, how did you wander into my little part of the world?

  5. Anonymous8:13 AM

    I'm falling in love with Dave Cole's work right now. Thanks for the introduction, Blue Gal!


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