Wednesday, February 7

Blue Gal's Post Number 666

Seems an appropriate celebration of pure evil:

Katherine Harris passing out her business card
at the 2007 State of The Union Address.

h/t Pam Spaulding at Pandagon, who has more on the Divine Miss H's recent activities.


  1. Former Florida Representative and White House "Love Monkey" Katherine Harris remains on cordial terms with the president, despite his allegatitions that she was too "clingy," and that he needed more "space" for "personal growth." After recently losing her bid to unseat Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson, Harris has bounced back in her new job as an Amway Distributor.

  2. Actually her most recent accomplishment was being named the citizen of the year Tuesday night at the Longboat Key, Florida, Kiwanis Club dinner. I am not making that up.

  3. Anonymous1:56 PM

    That image, and your 666th post, richly deserves an evil laugh.


  4. That's hilarious! That's like back in December when Philadelphia's Union League gave Rumsfeld a gold medal. The only thing that you have to do to win an award nowadays is create a war on false pretenses or throw an election!

  5. I wonder if she offers discounts or group rates for her old friends?



  6. According to the latest biblical research, I find that 666 is far to low a number.

    I mean, honestly, who pays less than $6.66 for anything anymore, much less a gallon of gas?

    And weren't there at least 666 votes that would have put the election in Gore's hands?

  7. I love all the stories about her living in her car that's still parking in the House Parking Garage.

    You don't suppose she uses those bought and paid for boobs for pillow when she sleeps out there, do you?

    Nah, they must be way too hard and uncomfortable.

  8. Anonymous9:44 PM

    I'm pretty sure I can see the horns poking through her hair. :)

  9. Katherine, aka
    "666," go home.

  10. Tested by fire!


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