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UPDATE: When I wrote this post I had not seen this one. Do read all the comments, too. To quote Emily Litella: "Nevermind." (major H/t to Blogenfreude. Thanks, honey.)

I'm not sure I'll even publish this post but it's on my mind so I'm typing it up.

I've been writing a lot lately about Pammy at Atlashrugs and actually reading her blog which I've just got to stop. It's like a car wreck. But I came across this photo of her and I just can't erase it from my brain.

It's got me thinking about conservatism, liberalism, gender, sex, all the things I already blog about.

I am a liberal, and I definitely agree with the C&L commenter who paraphrased Colbert: "Sexual pleasure has a well-known liberal bias." This blog is no stranger to anal sex jokes, and you could tell me one right now and I'd laugh my butt off, no pun intended.

By the way, on another C&L thread we've determined that that snot that comes out of your butt when you sneeze and fart at the same time? It will henceforth be known as "JudyMiller," not to be confused with "Santorum." Pass it on.

But seriously, folks, I'm a liberal gal, and you know I be lovin' the panties, but no woman is wearing the panties on my blog. It's a line I draw here, and it's a conservative line. I wouldn't let my breasts hang out like that, either, out of a sense of decorum, and what is attractive and what is decidedly not the pretty way to display my, um, bodacious rack. I mean, yeah, you could probably put two Pammies on the scale to balance one Blue Gal too. She's got a gym with two TV's in her house, and I don't have one TV or a home gym or her pecs, either. I would not trade my spelling skills for her pecs, though.

Some might say I don't dress like that because I'm a feminist. That's not it, either, though I trust "self-respect" has some play here.

She's actually quite pretty, isn't she? But I think that dress is a challenge to womanhood, and I'm sitting here asking myself if I feel threatened by it, and I'm not sure I like my answer. Still thinking about this. Comments appreciated.


  1. Anyone that insecure who has to put pictures of her tits hanging out to get attention or website hits has some major issues.

    1. She is super needy.
    2. She probably sucks in bed.
    3. She is likely quite co-dependent on anyone unfortunate enough to try to date her.

    But yes, unless you want attention, there's no reason to put your tits out there like that. And the question of course is what sort of attention does she want?

    Any kind at all?

    Only she knows for sure.

  2. Anonymous12:34 PM

    Only attention. Any kind if you ask me. And how does that help - in the end - really - how does that help?

  3. Personally, I don't care what she or anyone else wears, but the reason it probably nags at you is because it's so discordant with her position as a conservative.

    That's liberal cleavage, baby.

  4. No, I don't think she's pretty. Perhaps she's "hot" or "sexy" or whatever the kids say these days. But to me, being "pretty" requires having something worth looking at above the neck, too.

    Not that it should matter. The blogosphere isn't a beauty contest. It's a place to share thoughts, ideas, and stories... and I'm not interested in hearing any of that from a blog that takes its title from Ayn Rand. Blech.

  5. Do I have to come over there and shake you?!? The woman is seriously starved for attention and that translates to one thing: hollow in the center.

    But, really. This post gets to the heart of what I've been writing about (ad nauseum, I know) concerning breasts v. breast cancer. The image of a woman's breast, whether wholly revealed, teasingly displayed, suggested by a mastectomy scar, or in use for its intended purpose as a mammary gland, is loaded with meaning and connotations. It IS political, and therefore subject to a careful critique of the way the images are used and displayed.

    Just before reading your post today, I had been thinking about the deep psychological fingerprint most, if not all women live with in terms of how they think about their own bodies. In my case, I was realizing that AT NO POINT IN MY ADULT LIFE had I ever been satisfied with the way my body looked. Even as a lithe eighteen year old! What a shame. What a waste of energy.

    And I do think it is valid to critique the dress habits of those who are wealthy enough to freely choose how they clothe and display themselves in public. There is absolutely no reason Pammy can't put on a dress that fits, for gods sake. I am, after all, an aging hippie who still believes that everything is political.

    You're gorgeous, brainy and talented - and I'd know all of that from your writing alone.

  6. I don't think that there is anything wrong with the way she is dressed in that photo. I saw a girl working at Hooters that was dressed just like that.

    Well, she said she was working. I am not sure that she was working as waitress, though.

  7. Let's try this again (thanks, blogger):

    If she thinks she looks good in that, fine. She can dress in what she wants to make her feel good, or to compensate for something, or whatever. I dress like I want, and I don't want someone judging me.

    Is she attractive? No. here's why: Beauty is not the same as "hot." Beauty is when we get past the "look" and when someone opens his or her mouth to speak, or they put their fingers on a keyboard to write what they think. That is when the beauty comes forth.

    This woman is not attractive (to me) because of what she thinks.

    Now, on the other hand...

  8. Anyone who finds her attractive would change their mind the moment she spoke, and I'm not talking about what the says.

    That voice, and that accent..... horrific.

    It doesn't matter, though. I can respect people in spite of how stoopid their accents sound. Her, not so much.

  9. She isn't sexy. She isn't even remotely sexy. Sexy is about arousing the kind of feelings that make you want to get naked and vulnerable with someone special.

    Her, you don't want to get near her without armor for your back, in case she's getting an itch in her knife finger. She does NOT look like anyone would want to be vulnerable around her - nor does she look like she could possible be vulnerable with another person.

    You see those huge, staring eyes? They spell 'panic' to me. And the hair - which is neither functional nor, well, lovely (do you get the urge to run your fingers through it? See what I mean?)

    The mouth looks perfect - if you want to look like a plastic imitation of a mouth.

    And while I am sure that her hands are manicured to the point of perfection - do you think she can knit?

    She looks like a power trip with (some) clothes on, like an insecurity with ribbons. She looks - she looks like she's in costume, in a rather sordid S&M scene.

    I don't want to have to play with that scary lady, or with whatever drives her to be that way. If you want to see beauty - consult your nearest mirror. Or look at your kids. Pammy ain't got none of that good stuff.

    The saddest piece is that she has her arms around a mini-Pam, (un)dressed just like her. Sigh. I'd rather be human-shaped and human-sized.

  10. Anonymous8:03 PM

    men are hardwired to look at women. We're hardwired to look several times at women in that kinda getup. The reason is simple, she's sending a message which, simply stated, is; "I want to." Now, if one were to engage this woman in conversation and one were given some insight into what we already know is her thought life, the question would become; how drunk do ya hafta be to pursue her?

  11. Anonymous8:20 PM

    I'm heartily in favor of cleavage, but that's just scary. And I recently moved to the Upper West Side, so I could RUN INTO HER AND HER DAMN CLEAVAGE.

  12. comrade kevin said it all.


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