Wednesday, February 28

Carnival of the Liberals 33 - Now with limericks!

When Shakespeare's Sister did her Carnival Number 30 in poetic form, I just knew I had to one-up her. So I promised her...limericks. What an idiot I am. For those of you who hate limericks, I linked each post again at the end without limerick accoutrement.

By the way, the first stanza is for those readers coming here from Crooks and Liars. Thanks, Mike honey. Rock the house and break a leg this weekend. xoxo


There once was a stringer from Lowell
To “expose” C&L was his goal:
The hack found, through his fishin’
That Mike’s “just a musician,”
The way George Bush is “just an asshole.”

I laughed hard at Montag’s good fable:
As he criticized Hilary’s “table.”
While she frys, in her pan,
AIPAC’S dish called Iran,
I choked on my Ethernet cable!

Quaker Dave may be silent and plain
But this blogger uses his brain:
It’s a snow day! Wear woolies,
And stand up to bullies,
Who would stop a pro-family campaign.

Okay, shut the door! Check the lock!
It’s time to go read Evil Spock!
You don’t need to be lonely
‘Cause Dating--Whites Only
Is a fabulous issue to mock!

By now you are asking the host,
“Hey, how ‘bout an anti-Bush post?”
Okay, here’s the war
And Joerg doesn’t bore,
In fact, you may like it the most.

And while we are chatting up war,
If we’re really just trying to score
Understanding, I’d bet
On a Vietnam Vet.
Yup, Rez Dog has all that and more.

This limerick I didn’t shirk,
But for this one it just might not work.
About torture? Bush crimes?
Hey, but at least it rhymes.
Oh go ahead, think I’m a jerk.

Tengrain’s post is well-written and fine.
He encourages us all to go sign
A petition, left-leaning
And his blog gives new meaning
To the words “Intelligent Design.”

The Greenbelt
blogs something new.
Reminds Bush that it ain't World War Two.
He may own the Big Three,
But he doesn't own me,
And that's putting a stone in his shoe.

Recovering Liberal says it's our duty!
What you say? Why, a swiftboat of Rudy!
There's no ifs ands or buts,
('Cept we don't have the guts)
And are worried it might mar our beauty.

The last blogger has a solution,
To our social and gub'ment pollution.
It's long, and damn good.
And read it you should.
Doctor Biobrain's own revolution.

So that's Carnival Libs Thirty-Three.
It's been fun, don't you agree?
Now I'm out the door
See you at Thirty-Four***
If I make the cut! Oh well, we'll see.

***March 14 at Brainshrub. If you have a liberal blog of your own, and would like to host a Carnival, sign up here.

And for those of you who hate limericks, in sorta alphabetical order:

Atlantic Review
Dr. Biobrain
The Greenbelt
Media Bloodhound
Mock, Paper, Scissors
Evil Spock at The Needs of the Few
Recovering Liberal
Montag at Stumplane
The Quaker Agitator
Unsolicited Opinion


  1. Man, you can bust the rhymes.

    Thanks for this.

  2. Anonymous6:31 AM


    Thanks for the inclusion. Though the link to my post is broken. (My name at the top of this comment points to the post.)

    Thanks again, B.G.

  3. Fixed it, Montag, thanks. xo

  4. Nicely done! Linky linky...

  5. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Feel free to add my blog entry!

    Hell Just Froze Over: Mandatory HPV Vaccination in Texas?

  6. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Crap, and here I thought I had a good month. Alas, some day I will be Carnival'd. Someday. ;)

    Count me as a Doctor Biobrain fan, btw.


  7. Anonymous10:46 AM

    A limerick for neo-cons:
    A rabbit has diets we lack;
    They consume what they pass out the back.
    Therein lies the magic,
    They’ll never be stuck for a snack.

    'Cause the neo-cons do, indeed, make the shit they eat.

    An,immodestly, my own submission:

    Giuliana doesn't seem all that weird to me.

  8. Anonymous10:54 AM

    anyone else having trouble with the submission page for CotL? mine don't seem to be going through...

  9. Awesome! LOL - we have so upped the ante now, sister. :-)

  10. ditto quaker dave. your limericks are awesome!

  11. Haha! Great work, BG! Thanks for the inclusion.

  12. fist laugh today for me. great stuff!

  13. "first" geeezz, i have to learn to hit the keys harder. : )

  14. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Blue Gal:

    There once was a blogger named Tengrain

    Who was generally considered a big pain

    He would go on his rant-ies
    For not-sugar-coated panties

    But instead of leaving a mark, he left a big stain.

    Many, many thanks for the Carnival of the Liberals mention (and for all you do for us Lefties).

    Best regards,


  15. Evil Spock is honored to be included with such a motley crew.

  16. Woohoo! I'm #1!! I'm #1!!

    (Or technically, number 10. But as we all know, #10 is the new #1.)

  17. First ever limerick link for me. What an honor! Thank you.

  18. There once was a Laura named Bush
    Who had a remarkable tush

    She baked cookies in pans
    And never once burnt her hand

    And her kids are all
    warped like their dad.

  19. Mr. Cheney has become a big pain-y
    He was nearly blown up by a bomb

    But with no bid contracts
    And all his contacts

    He was really quite far
    from it all.

  20. There's a WaPo reporter named Howie
    Met Malking for lunch and went "Zowie!"
    Wagged his finger at lefties
    Their responses were zesty
    "Judge your friends before you have a cow-ee."

  21. Great Job - Blue Gal (and I can see you'd give Mad Kane a run for her money on being the Queen of the Rhymes!)

    Wish I had either the time or the brain-power to participate in this one (but I'm running on empty of both of these right about now.)

    But Good Luck and Looks Like Great FUN for all you Lib'rls at this Carnival!

  22. Snow days and spring weather is crazy -
    I've been working, I'm not really lazy!
    I know it's been days,
    But I've been in a maze,
    And now's my first shot at this daisy!

    Great job, Blue Gal, and thanks for includeing me!


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