Monday, February 19

I've been found out.


I know. I owe all of you an apology.

Here I was supposed to be off the computer, recharging my batteries, and putting some much needed perspective into my intellectual and spiritual life...

And I wind up nude blogging over at the Aristocrats. How that information was leaked, well, I guess there's nothing like job security for Mr. Fitzgerald, now, is there?

In my defense I have to say Sandy promised me there was no film in that digital camera.

Good thing Lent is coming soon, and my resolution to give up sloth is underway ahead of time. That photo is a phenomenal wake-up call.

(But seriously, turning off the computer for several hours a day, I did check email but still, really made a difference. Thanks for your patience, etc. I'm back.)

**The image above is from an actual, though not updated for a couple months, blog. No naked parts there, but I did learn that at least two different guys in this wonderful country of ours (okay, here and here) thought it was a good idea to place pictures of their genitals on women's cars. Women they didn't know. That's gotta be a turn-on for somebody, I guess, but give me Douglas in his socks any day.


  1. I don't know. Douglas seems to have that Robin Williams/Chia Pet thing going on.

    Maybe a pair of panties would help.

  2. pink panties or bright red so we can actually see them. ; )

  3. Anonymous10:05 PM


    Clearly, someone forgot to schmear seeds on my head.

  4. bald is beautiful,and in, just look how many guys shave their heads.

    besides what is between the ears really counts. ; )

  5. Hey me thinks this post oughta come with a pic, ya think?


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